Asgard Ascension

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We are bringing a change to our current armor and gear tiers. This will take effect in two weeks.

Barbarian -> Svartalfheim
Viking -> Helheim
Druid -> Midgard
Chief -> Jotunheim
Hero -> Niflheim
Mage -> Vanaheim
DemiGod -> Vanaheim
God -> Alfheim

All kits will be slightly nerfed. Note that the new armor bears enchantment levels different from those in 2.0. All existing donor gear will be automatically converted to the new system. Please post your opinions so this can be improved.

Hello, fellow Asgardians! We're here for another update roundup post, as well as announcing some future plans we have. Yes, we will still keep going to improve and add in new features regardless of the merging issues!


Free World & plans
We will host a temporary, old Free World while we work on a revamped resources world. It can be accessed via /free for players who reach Prestige 5 or higher. All Quests that were previously removed due to the lack of Free World have been re-added. The area will be reopened right after we restore the most important builds and features.

That's not all! Noticing that the current Free World takes wayyyyyyyyyyyyy... too much time to fix everything, and cannot accommodate new features, a whole new world with even more exclusive resources and diversified biomes is planned to be constructed very soon!

Discord Improvements
The long wait is finally over! We have added the Discord syncing feature. Now you can show off your shiny, sexy donor ranks on Discord as well just by connecting your Minecraft account to our Discord server! Ranks won from Crates are also displayed. Simply do /discord link to start.

What's more, we've also added common Twitch emotes to the Discord server! Insert an emote by enclosing the name of the emote with colons (for example, you can insert a Kappa face with :kappa:). MEME4DAYZ

Courses & challenges
We have decided to add in parkour, mazes and hybrid courses for all to enjoy! Whether you are tired from grinding money or are up for some hardcore skill challenges, these maps designed by our talented builders are sure to make you addicted. Again (unfortunately), these are under construction -- it's a massive project after all -- so we'll keep you updated on this one. Meanwhile, here are some sneak peeks:


Interaction improvement
You may have noticed -- the quest master, bartender and other NPCs in Spawn now talk to you!


We've spiced interactions between you and our server characters. Newbie tips and information holograms have also been added to A, B and C mines, introducing the various features of Asgard Ascension to everyone. Furthermore, we have added more portals that lead you to the Plots World, Casino and MineParty. Do visit these amazing areas when you're free!

Monthly Key Kits
More good news to our donors! You can now get FREE CRATE KEYS depending on your donor rank monthly. How cool is that! Simply do /key at the start of each month for your smexy keys. You can grab the monthly key kit for each rank you purchased! That means if you have both God and DemiGod, you can have 3 Asgardian Keys for free every single month! Good luck getting your favourite rewards!


Upcoming events
The Event Team has been working exceptionally hard to ready the remaining Events that had yet to be properly setup, as you can see below from a snapshot taken by @Neryse :


cough jk It's our pleasure to announce that we have revived quite a few event maps! Our team members will hold these new events from time to time. These events are:

  • Spleef
  • WaterPvP
  • AsgardianRush (previously BlockRush)
  • BowLMS
  • PvPLMS
We are also working on Elytra Rush. What is that, you ask? We'll keep it a secret. ;) Also, one of your favourite Discord events may be returning with a twist... Stay "tuned"!

You can always check out our detailed updates by venturing into the Changelog area in our forums. If you have any suggestions or opinions, please do not hesitate to post a reply underneath or submit a suggestion!

Finally, thank you so much for supporting and staying with us. Hope you enjoy Asgard as much as we do! Happy ascending. <3
You're all welcome to join in
The karaoke will be hosted on the servers discord. If you would like to join in
please comment on this post by the 21st of July saying
'Contestant: *IGN & Discord Name*'
Staff will be judging the competition but please note, if you are staff and want to be in the karaoke competition you're welcome to join but cannot judge.
We will then after announce the top three and the prizes will be:
1st - $30
2nd - $20
3rd - $10
This is for store credit
Good luck to everyone! If you dont want to join you can join us and listen instead!

Karaoke starts 22nd July 4pm EST


Hello fellow Asgardians! It's been a while since we've done a massive update post.

25% Off Summer Sale
We're kicking off this update with a huge store-wide 25% off summer sale! From ranks to cosmetic packages and special perks, everything is on sale. Grab your favourite packages from our store while the deal lasts. Every donation helps our server continue to operate and improve.

New Staff Members
As our server continues to grow, so does our staff team -- we have quite a lot of good news to share. First of all, we are excited to announce that @ConradHD will be working with us as an Asgardian Administrator! He will be helping quite a bit in the upcoming month, and if things go well, he will continue to administrate. He has worked for plenty of bigger networks/servers so he is very experienced and can definitely help Asgard very much. Secondly, congratulations to @CRAVENSCRAFT on getting Sr.Mod, as well as @SusieQ22 on Mod! Last but not least, may we all welcome @SwagMuffn and @Sig to the staff team!

Build Team Applications now open
Our server Build Team is now open for applications! Do you think you have the building skills needed to help Asgard grow in size? If you are up for the challenge, go to and post your application. Please make sure you have a portfolio (If you have no portfolio don't bother applying) as that is one of the main things we look at. Make sure to post this in the forum under the "Applications > Builder Applications" Category.

Server documents
Official server rules, punishment guidelines and more have been released. Check them out in the Rules & Guidelines (!

Also! Just in case some of you haven't noticed, we have a Changelog section where we post updates of the server. Head over to the Changelog section ( and view details regarding updates of each day!

That's it for now! We still have a lot more planned, so stay tuned. We would like to hear from you as well -- how are we doing so far, what features should be implemented and all sorts of input. Please do comment down below and express your opinions! Thank you <3
Welcome to Asgard Ascension forums! Here as a community we get to know each other and find out things related to the server and of course have fun while doing it. Here at Asgard Ascension we love to be involved in the community and take in suggestions from you guys, there are places around the forum to apply for staff, find new announcements and news, give suggestions, create reports, and plenty of others. If you need any help for any reason just ask any of the staff members and we will be with you as soon as we can. On that note lets continue on to some other details related to the server.

What's going on?
After around 5 months of the server being down we have decided to reopen the server. The expected release date will be July 1st 4PM EST. We have also changed owners if you have not noticed already (Hello :p). We are going to be releasing the 2.0 version of the server with a couple adjustments and modifications. If you need more info on what's going on feel free to join our discord and ask.

Server Details:

Voting Links:
Minecraft-Server-List -
Minecraft-MP -
MinecraftServers -
Top-Minecraft-Servers -
TopG -
PlanetMinecraft -

Supported Mods:
Too Many Items, Not Enough items and similar item-browsing modifications
Brightness Modifications
Auto-Sprint modifications
Non-X=ray texture packs

The use of any modifications not listed above is not allowed and will result in punishments if caught doing so.