Asgard Ascension

by FAKExPOWER at 10:15 AM
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Hello Asgardians! We've been through a lot of updates recently, with the main being 1.8+ backwards compatibility! (We will talk about the updates later!)

However, we need your help! We have been working alongside all the staff and ran a little contest between them. They have sent us in their best images they have taken themselves which they think would be the best for the forums background! Now we need your help, we need you to choose your favourite and vote for that image. The image with the most votes may well become part of the site!










The poll will be closing in only 2 days time and it appears in game, so vote while you can!
That's all for now, there will be a post of updates very soon!

- Asgard...
by 54D at 4:51 AM
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Hello Asgardians! We all hope everyone enjoyed your Christmas. We're pretty excited that a series of revamps and bug fixes have been pushed out throughout the last while. So, here's a small announcement that summarises what we've updated.
  • Advertising has started! Be sure to welcome new players and be nice to each other!
  • Most of our Christmas related features have been removed, so use the rest while you can!
  • Hovering over a player's name in chat will now actually show the information correctly!
  • In /mcforums, you can help us by posting in the thread some positive things about Asgard, together with your username for a reward! Just contact me if you haven't received it!
  • A new look for the chat! Revamped announcements, message formats and more!
  • A cleaner and revamped tab menu!
  • A revamped scoreboard showing more useful information!
  • Vote Parties! For every 75 votes accumulated by the server, there will be a mine spawned (Which you can travel to with /vp) and it will either be Iron, Gold, Diamond, Emerald or even Obsidian.
  • Ragnorak has some exciting new loot you can obtain, be sure to try get your hands on some of them!
  • The old, messy tutorial...
by ObeyMe at 2:13 AM
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Hello Asgardians. Recently we've had issues with our old IP address, which was "", and it directing to another server that is on Minecraft version 1.11. This is due to us losing the old domain and someone else taking it and redirecting it to their server. Please refrain from using this address and please use our new one, which is "" to connect to Asgard Ascension. We are still on Minecraft Version 1.10.
Sorry for any inconvenience!

The Asgard Administration
by FAKExPOWER at 2:28 PM
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Hello Asgardians!

We hope you're all doing well! We are here with some great news. We have decided to partner up with @Scirrio and he has filled a position as Owner along with our current owners! However don't worry, everything will still be as normal and nothing as changed, but with this partnership this will help us so that we can push forwards and grow our player base, expand our game modes, and ultimately improve the server across many different facets. He is a great guy, and brings with him not only the opportunity for our server to grow but the chance to have another perspective, insight, and helping hand on the server, as well as some of the best building abilities we have seen.

Over the next few days we will be welcoming him and showing him around, and we do hope that you will be treating Scirrio with the same respect that you treat every other member!

Along with this news, we are also delighted to announce that advertising will soon be appearing! (Ha ha, soon!) Yes, we know. You've heard it a million times, but really, this time it is for sure coming! We hope you all are enjoying the server, and are ready for a great run!

The Asgard...
by ObeyMe at 2:00 AM
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Hello Asgardians! For a while now we've been working on a new and improved website, now running off of Xenforo, instead of Enjin, so we can add more and improved features for you. First you will notice this site is very different from our last, but that's okay, it's actually quite simple once you get the hang of it. There are tons of new things you will find while exploring the website, and trust me, there are tons more to come. But first off you will need to read the message that is automatically send to you by Me and Odin, it was explain mainly what you need to do to get started. And remember, all feedback is welcome. We hope you enjoy!

We would also like you to know that we appreciate you sticking with us through these hard times. Advertising will start very soon, and things will be rolling normally again.

We have all kinds of things that we will be adding to the website very soon that we were not able to finish before release, like your rank transferring/syncing from in-game to the website and stuff like that. But if you would like to see anything added to the site, please feel free to post below and also take a second to tell us what you think about the new website and...