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Big update!

Zythium Manager posted Sep 3, 16


Hello Asgardians! Over the past week, we have been working on a ton of new features, and small changes for Asgard Ascension. This week, we have added a brand new feature of Quests, something which we particularly enjoyed creating. If you have any quest ideas, feel free to post them on the forums. Anyway! Onto all the new updates we have this week;

- /baltop
We have finally added in /baltop for you all to argue over who has the most money and to compete between you all!

- Changed Kits
We have slightly nerfed the amount of gapples in every kit, as gapples are extremely overpowered now as of how they work in 1.10.
We have slightly increased the efficiency in the starting tools and iron tools.

- Lucky Crate Update
Now you can receive potions from the Lucky Crate.

- Filter
We have massively improved our filter over the past week, which we hope will improve the chat in the long run.

- Mines Updated
We have reduced the % of stone in mines down to 40%, rather than 60%. Yes, this means that the realms are no longer the only large way to earn money :)

- Quests!
Yes, this is the main update for this week. Over the past week, FAKExPOWER and Zythium have been working hard on a new feature for Asgard, Quests. If you login onto the server, and use the command /quests. You will see all the categories and quests which you yourself can complete in return for amazing rewards! Currently; we have 5 categories.

- Online Time (Play time)
- PvP (Kills / Killstreaks)
- Travel (Warps)
- Mining (Mining Blocks)
- Items (Submitting Items)
- Mining 2 (The Hardest)

Within these categories you'll find many challenges to complete, such as 100 kills, or playing for 500 hours! It's up to you what quests you choose to complete. Remember, some quests do offer special prizes as rewards which until this point, have not been in the game!

Who will be the master of the quests?
Who will be the one to complete all the quests?
Who will be, the Ultimate Miner?

- Zythium (Manager).

Amehhhh Awesome!!!


kaoz Owner posted Sep 2, 16

Hey guys, 

So we've heard mixed things from the community, and wanted to get everyone's oppinion in a cool strawpoll. We are thinking of adding back custom enchants (WAIT! here me out before you get angry with us) onto 2.5. These would be extremely limited custom enchants, and would only effect mining. They would be things like purchasing temporary haste, or being able to break 3x3 blocks for a set amount of time. Also, these would only be purchaseable through god tokens, making them harder to get (i.e. more rare).

We've made a little poll to see what everyone thinks. Check it out here :

Thanks guys, can't wait to see what you have to say,


Qubd tag Thats great! It should really only be on mining as it will help the non-donors to rankup, as most of the mines are mostl...
Swagmuffn tag Thanks for listening to the community kaoz! Its great the server can find a happy medium on the enchants!


kaoz Owner posted Aug 29, 16

Hey everyone,
kaoz here just go give you guys a few new updates as to what is happening and what is to come!

50% off sale!

We are hosting a quick, 24 hour 50% off flash sale, so make sure to go check it out in the store and support your favorite minecraft server! Also, we've fixed the delays that were happening in buycraft, so now you can expect anything you buy to be processed and received within 2-10 minutes! 


As you can probably tell, we're loving our events over here at Asgard, and thanks to the hard work of our great events team, we will be running events like those from these last 2 weeks (and more!) every sunday between 1 and 2PM EST! Be sure to see classic events like spleef and bowLMS, as well as cool new events we have in store for you!


We've got some updates in store as well. Remember that nifty poll we sent out a few weeks ago? Well the results have been tallied and we noticed you guys wanted some more lucky block features. Expect those within a week, as well as votestreaks and custom enchants possibly in the following weeks. 

Thanks everyone,

Qubd tag I think mabye a few PvP enchants that are not too OP, but more pickaxe ones which are permanent
kaoz Owner I'll create a poll to see what the community thinks.
kaoz Owner We would be doing more token-based custom enchants, and very few... it would be like breaking 3x3 for a few minutes (ver...

More Exciting Events!

Auxio Admin posted Aug 21, 16

*Depending on Server Preformance within 3 Hrs left of the count down

Events & DP!

After the relaunch of Asgard 2.0. We have, over the course of the past few days, been recreating your favourite events.
Therefore, we are going to be having numerous events tonight (Including a Staff Brawl)!
From the time of this post, the events will begin in just over 3 hours! (8PM BST).
To help you, we have included a countdown, counting down to the events!


We will be having multiple events, and there will also be a DP tonight after all the events!
Some of the prizes we will be giving out include, money, kits, god tokens, and even /buy Vouchers!

Spleef - $500,000
Spleef (Round 2) - $1,000,000
WaterPvP - $1,000,000 + 5 God Tokens
WaterPvP (Round 2) - $1,000,000 + 10 God Tokens
BowLMS - $1,500,000 + 10 God Tokens
Defeat The God - $10 Voucher
Staff Brawl - 1 Lucky Cratekey

There will also be a DP, and Chat Giveaways Afterwards.
Keys, Kits, 2x $5 Vouchers, God Tokens & More.

- Events Team

*Depending on Server Preformance within 3 Hrs left of the count down

CRAVENSCRAFT Modtag Woot woot!! Asgard 2.0 though, I thought 2.5??

Getting back on our feet...

User Manager posted Aug 20, 16


Server Recap

After lots of issues with our host, we have rebuilt Asgard and updated to Minecraft 1.10. Polar bears! We are still finishing up a few things such as the website, and then we will begin advertising.

What changes would you like to see to the server? We will listen to all feedback and take it into consideration. Let us know in the comments of this post!


The $50 Store Giveaway is ending in a few days! Make sure you have entered to be in with the chance of winning $50 store credit! Enter here:

Unknown10_ tag Voted
User Manager The IP is ""
_UniversalCraft_ tag I can't join/ I can't connect to the server